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5:18pm 02-10-2019
My eyes are bleeding, but ohhh the memories... xD
5:11pm 02-10-2019
Omg. I had a site the looked waaay similar to this when I was 11. This brought me back in a crazy vivid way
4:56pm 02-10-2019
This was such a flashback. I’m both cringing and appreciating all of the nostalgia.
4:19pm 02-10-2019
Omg this is too cool ^-^ can you add me on Myspace? I'll totally put you on my top 8! :3 :3 thanks 4 getting that l33t pic of me and my toyota trueno! Plz check out my Elfwood page it's kinda random XD but normal is just a setting on the dishwasher XDXD (I have that on a t-shirt lol) N-E-WAY I have 2 to go play moar katamari damacy (it's a Japanese game for my PS2) JA NE ^__^
3:51pm 02-10-2019
:3 Ahhh! Sugoiiii!!!!!!
Thank you for sharing my picture! My mom helped me sew my dress even though she thinks it's weird. ^o^ I saw it in Gothic Lolita Bible! My friend said she knows a guy at the Blockbuster (ugh...only dubs) who has a bunch of them! Mana had the most kawaii JSK on and mom thought it was nice I wanted to look pretty like that. I didn't even tell her Mana is a boy hehehe he looks so pretty in Lolita she couldn't tell! His music is so cool too! I found some on limewire but one of the songs was a virus °_°
I'm so random lol!!!! Aaaaanyway thanks for making this fan page!!!
3:48pm 02-10-2019
this is so frickin amazing and a huge inspiration for my graphic design thesis! i love it!!!
3:06pm 02-10-2019
So cute and cool! Haha. I wasn't cool enough to go to conventions and cosplay during my early emo days. But this brought back memories of being a huge otaku online and in the courtyard with my friends at school hahahaha! Can't wait for the new patterns!
2:39pm 02-10-2019
The music This is so fun - what a flashback!
2:19pm 02-10-2019
i feel this in my bones
1:44pm 02-10-2019
I can't decide if I love or hate it but either way man does this take me back. I also just realized that my old ff net account is probably still the and man is that a cringe thought
1:06pm 02-10-2019
This is so horrible yet so familiar! I love it!
12:38pm 02-10-2019
Good Lord did this take me back. I both love it and hate it so much. It's beautoful.
12:32pm 02-10-2019
Hahaha. Awesome awesome web page. Nostalgia is real!
12:27pm 02-10-2019
This website is shortening my lifespan to look at but at the same time there's a blinding similarity to my own otaku days
12:22pm 02-10-2019
I've never felt such a mix of raw nostalgia and eye pain in my life, I love it. Can't wait to check out the new patterns
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